Cripple Creek knives

          Hello and Welcome to My Website

  Just wanted to start out by saying this website is a first for me. so if you have any advice on making it better. Please feel free to drop a line or two.

  Before We get started there are a few poeple i would like to thank.

  (1) My loving adoring wife, because, even though she doesn't understand it,(knife collecting) She still puts up with the money i spend on knives.

   (2) My Mom, If it werent for her i wouldn't own as many as Cripple Creeks as i do now. She really boosted my collection in the begining and is always helping out in time of need. Of course she keeps 1% as an investment, (so she says), orrrr was it 1% controlling interest. I'll get back to you all on that.

   I currently have around 50 Cripple Creek knives and i am always on the lookout for more. So if you are reading this and you have a Cripple Creek knife you want to sell, or are willing to do some trading, Just send me an email and lets see what we can workout.

 A lot of the pictures of the Cripple Creek's i don't have, have come from watching ebay and saving the pictures. If you see a picture and think it came from you and you don't want it used, Please let me know, I will take it off. If you have some pictures that you don't see here and want to post it. Please feel free to email it to me. I will post it along with your name. I have 100's of pictures of Cripple Creek knives, but not all of them are good enough quality to put up.

 Also,I have kept records of almost every cripple creek knife that has sold on ebay since 2005. So if you are interested in some prices for your knives. Give me a shout and i'll see if it has been sold it the last 4 years.